Sticky Note Sketch #8

Sticky Note Sketch #8

The Eleventh Hour

There’s a strange kind of power in the eleventh hour
That washes over me every night.
A feeble light inside shines and burns brighter
As the moments of the day slowly fade.
I’m free and falling through the layers of myself,
Making friends with who I’ve become since yesterday.

Potential towers in the eleventh hour;
Preparing to rise with the sun.
Memories dance in the shadows.
Often the moon peeks in and shines
A spotlight on my secrets and fears
Or a friend who stands the test of time.

FantasyCon Salt Lake City 2014

Last week I had the chance to go to my first convention and I had a blast. I have always loved fantasy stories whether in literature, tv, or films, and it was great to see some of that come to life. It was so fun to sit in on some great panels and listen to people talk about things they are passionate about.

My favorite panels included:
“Great Villains and Why We Love to Hate Them”
“Pursuing Your Dream of Becoming a Fantasy Illustrator, Writer, Filmaker”
“Kid History”
The Middle Earth Kickoff with Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies & More

I was able to get insights on how to be a better writer, listen to great discussions by some great celebrities, and have a lot of fun with friends. John Rhys-Davies (Gimli from Lord of the Rings) even winked and blew a kiss at me as he walked by our lunch table!

Also, it was very interesting to see all kinds of people getting their geek on. A lot of people were dressed casually like me, but I saw elaborate costumes on people of all ages from infants to people in their seventies. I saw hobbits, wizards, knights, elves, dragons, fairies, and a hundred other things I couldn’t name. I’m really not into the costume thing to much myself, but I gotta give props to the people who really took the time to go all out. It definitely made the experience that much more entertaining.

My favorite part of the day was when Billy Boyd sang the “Edge of Night” song from the “Return of the King” movie. It was truly magical. John Rhys-Davies was also amazing. His voice is just like butter, and he is one of the classiest guys I have ever seen. He has a dignity that not many people have these days, but he still is very down to earth and likeable. Those two stole the show in my opinion.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to go to another convention in the future.

Check out some pics of the the adventure:
















Sticky Note Sketch #7

Sticky Note Sketch #7

P’s & Q’s

Sing when you’re happy,

Smile when you’re sad,

Remember to be thankful,

Hold your breath when you’re mad.

Laugh if it’s Funny,

Understand when its not,

Cry with the low in heart,

Help those who are lost,

Fight for justice,

Have mercy on the weak,

Educate the clueless,

Adventure always seek,

Pray for those who hurt you,

Serve those who have a need,

Find joy in other’s gladness,

Love all by word and deed.

Sticky Note Sketch #6

Sticky Note Sketch #6

Sticky Note Sketch #6


Brought to life by inspiration
a universal form of communication
with endless works of imagination
Expressing ideas, feelings, and other sensations
All part of God’s plan and creation
— a journey ending in harmony





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