On the Cusp Rap (That’s Right, It’s a Rap Song . . .)

It’s Wednesday aka “Humpday”
I check the clock at 3:33
The world, it’s spinnin’ the wrong way
I just need a little relief.

But I’m on the cusp of greatness
My will is gonna break on through
The curse of boring ordinary
Hey, Universe, I’m talking to you

Yo wiggity wiggity wiggity wack
Boom Shakalaka Baby it’s time to relax
Don’t be a hater and don’t talk back
My Heyday is coming, it’s a matter of fact.

Cuz I’m on the cusp of greatness
My will is gonna break on through
The curse of boring ordinary
Hey, Universe, I’m talking to you.
Yeah, Universe, I’m talking to you.


I am broken.
Sharp pieces cut inside;
leftovers of what I thought I was.
But the world spins fast;
Rearranging my jumbled life into new perspectives.
And the Sun will rise in a few hours.
All I have to do is wait for the Light,
And the next pattern will shine through.
Repeating what once was,
But is now made new.

Emily Warrior Princess ~ The Next Generation

Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner nerd, and that is the truth that brought the world this picture. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my sister about watching one of my favorite shows, Xena: Warrior Princess. She smiled and asked, “Didn’t you just finish watching that a few months ago?”

“Well” I said, ” There’s Star Trek and there’s Xena, and they’re both guilty pleasures.”

This statement was apparently so funny that it got around to all of my friends. The next thing I know, I receive the picture below as one of the all time best birthday presents ever. So here’s a big thank you to the talented Leah Ferguson for this incredible piece of art!

I would also like to thank the creators and actors of two of my favorite shows. When you put amazingness like that into the world, the influence it has is boundless. . .

Emily Warrior Princess The Next Generation

Sticky Note Sketch #10 – Blue Layers

Here’s the latest Sticky Note Sketch: #10 – Blue Layers. If you like what you see, my art is now available at Eclectic Emily’s Emporium via   iphone pics 267


Seconds drag into minutes and hours
I stare as shadows climb the walls
Damned by a strange elusive power
Great Morpheus ignores my call
Still I stubbornly seek for…SLEEP!


First Flakes

First Flakes

The first flakes fell today.
They came down friendly,
Dusting the ground like powdered sugar.
Four of us went out and tasted them on our tongues.
They planted kisses on our cheeks and noses.
Tiny fractals glistened in our hair.
We inhaled promises hanging in the clouds
Of chilly nights, twinkling lights,
Men made of ice and angels outlined by it.
The anticipation made my heart sing.


Yes, this is what I did with my Saturday morning . . .


Sticky Note Sketch #9 (Worlds)

Infinite worlds with infinite possibilities . . .

Sticky Note Sketch #9 - Worlds.jpg

Love this design? Now you can order prints and swag from my Emporium. Click here to check it out!

What Is a Dream

what is a Dream? a wish? a sigh?
a wistful look at days gone by?
a feathered thing, afraid to fly;
weighed down by the doubt in life. . .
bravely fighting for the chance to try?

what is a Dream? opportunity? need?
a selfish craving resulting from greed?
a noble, heart wrenching hurt that bleeds;
within the soul who quietly seeks . . .
wandering through both valleys and peaks?

what is a Dream? a whisper? a wall?
does it contain form or substance at all?
it cries and beckons, but I’m afraid of the call.
can I stretch myself out of this ball . . .
out of this comfort zone if I crawl?

what is a Dream? a vision? a claim?
once achieved, does it dissolve or remain?
is it a melody I am destined to play,
and sing, and dance, and live in my way. . .
I’ve thought and thought but the question stays.

What is a Dream? What Is a Dream

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