Seconds drag into minutes and hours
I stare as shadows climb the walls
Damned by a strange elusive power
Great Morpheus ignores my call
Still I stubbornly seek for…SLEEP!


First Flakes

First Flakes

The first flakes fell today.
They came down friendly,
Dusting the ground like powdered sugar.
Four of us went out and tasted them on our tongues.
They planted kisses on our cheeks and noses.
Tiny fractals glistened in our hair.
We inhaled promises hanging in the clouds
Of chilly nights, twinkling lights,
Men made of ice and angels outlined by it.
The anticipation made my heart sing.


Yes, this is what I did with my Saturday morning . . .


Sticky Note Sketch #9 (Worlds)

Infinite worlds with infinite possibilities . . .

Sticky Note Sketch #9 - Worlds.jpg

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What Is a Dream

what is a Dream? a wish? a sigh?
a wistful look at days gone by?
a feathered thing, afraid to fly;
weighed down by the doubt in life. . .
bravely fighting for the chance to try?

what is a Dream? opportunity? need?
a selfish craving resulting from greed?
a noble, heart wrenching hurt that bleeds;
within the soul who quietly seeks . . .
wandering through both valleys and peaks?

what is a Dream? a whisper? a wall?
does it contain form or substance at all?
it cries and beckons, but I’m afraid of the call.
can I stretch myself out of this ball . . .
out of this comfort zone if I crawl?

what is a Dream? a vision? a claim?
once achieved, does it dissolve or remain?
is it a melody I am destined to play,
and sing, and dance, and live in my way. . .
I’ve thought and thought but the question stays.

What is a Dream? What Is a Dream

Awed by Autumn

Every poet sings of Spring,
But I am awed by Autumn.
Leaves dance, swirling, flashing
To tunes carried on cool crisp air.
Brittle bursts of fiery red and gold
Forstall the sleep of snowy blankets,
And the year holds its bated breath.
Nostalgia nods its invisible head.
Memories mull in the mind like cider.
Reflections ripple in waves and break
Into understanding and contentment.
Friends and family cram together
Like living cornucopias in small houses.
Literal and metaphysical fruit ripens
And is gathered for fuel against
The cold waiting winter that approaches.

Around the Bend

Traveling life’s bumpy road
I’ve found turns around the bend
Unexpected ups and downs
Acquaintances and friends

I admit at times it’s lonely
When the lane fits only one
And great gumption is required
To stoically soldier on

But suddenly crowds will appear
Where the road is wide and even
Many feet make the dust rise up
It can be difficult to see then

Sometimes the path leads to a mountain
And I struggle with the climb
But when I look down from the top
I see a grand design

How all things in this world connect
Each person is part of a plan
To teach and stretch and strengthen
To press forward hand in hand

We need each other to reach our goals
Who knows what’s round the next bend
In helping others we help ourselves
Along a journey that never ends

What ever lies on down the road
I’m no longer afraid to press on
The grand adventure of life awaits
New wonders arise with each dawn

When the last sun sets in the valley low
And the winds sings a final lullaby
I’ll smile to myself at the memories made
I’ll float peacefully up to the sky


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