Thoughts During Lunch Today

Today the sun finally decided to shine like it meant it.
I lay back in delight letting the warmth seep into my skin.
I found myself gazing into the first truly blue sky in weeks
And wondering at the clouds like I was a kid again.

Clouds are the tai chi and yoga masters of the sky.
Ever changing from one form into another.
Never fixated on one position for too long.
Drifting in and out of various attitudes at will.

My eyes settled on a puffy mass above me in the air.
It metamorphosed from turtle, to duck, to volcano
And then split in two like an amoeba under a microscope.
If only humans could divide ourselves like that
And follow all of the conflicting currents inside our hearts.

I continued to consider each new cloud as they floated across the horizon.
The Sun flexed and stretched radiating his joy at awakening from a long sleep.
My two little clouds shivered in the heat and melted away into steam.
Taking with them any lingering cares or worries of the morning.
I walked back inside invigorated. Ready for whatever adventure came next.

2016 with EclecticEmily

Dearest Readers,

I wanted to apologize for my lack of consistent posts on 2015 was a big year full of highs and lows. Such is the human experience. I had some personal struggles that kicked me off course for a while, but I am embracing the new year with optimism. I am truly excited for all of the great adventures ahead. Here are a few updates on what you can expect from me in 2016.

This site is the place to find my personal thoughts and writing. We live in such an interesting world. I am captivated by so many subjects that I’ll never settle on just one. I am just as eclectic now as I’ve always been. My hope is that you will come here to find a little inspiration, and I hope you will use that inspiration to feed creativity in your own lives. Life is meant to be lived together, and this little blog is my voice in the world’s chorus. I want to encourage you to share your voice as well in whatever form suits you best.

Coming soon, I am thrilled to be re-launching my podcast “The Vibrant Life” this month. This is a project that has been simmering in my imagination/heart for some time, and I can’t wait to share it with you. “Living the Vibrant Life” is a phrase I came up with that simply means to live as fully and joyfully as you can. I hope you will join me in my attempts to discover exactly what that means.

I also plan to continue with EclecticEmily’s Reading Room. This is a simple site where you can find my personal recommendations for good reads. Books have been and always will be such a big part of my life. I started the reading room as a sort of online log of favorite books I’ve read, and it has grown from there.

Finally, I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful support. Even though I haven’t been posting regularly, I have received a lot of encouragement and kind comments. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and for all that you do to share the love here. I have the best followers! Keep up the good work, and live the vibrant life!

Much Love,

Emily Romrell

On the Cusp Rap (That’s Right, It’s a Rap Song . . .)

It’s Wednesday aka “Humpday”
I check the clock at 3:33
The world, it’s spinnin’ the wrong way
I just need a little relief.

But I’m on the cusp of greatness
My will is gonna break on through
The curse of boring ordinary
Hey, Universe, I’m talking to you

Yo wiggity wiggity wiggity wack
Boom Shakalaka Baby it’s time to relax
Don’t be a hater and don’t talk back
My Heyday is coming, it’s a matter of fact.

Cuz I’m on the cusp of greatness
My will is gonna break on through
The curse of boring ordinary
Hey, Universe, I’m talking to you.
Yeah, Universe, I’m talking to you.


I am broken.
Sharp pieces cut inside;
leftovers of what I thought I was.
But the world spins fast;
Rearranging my jumbled life into new perspectives.
And the Sun will rise in a few hours.
All I have to do is wait for the Light,
And the next pattern will shine through.
Repeating what once was,
But is now made new.

Emily Warrior Princess ~ The Next Generation

Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner nerd, and that is the truth that brought the world this picture. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my sister about watching one of my favorite shows, Xena: Warrior Princess. She smiled and asked, “Didn’t you just finish watching that a few months ago?”

“Well” I said, ” There’s Star Trek and there’s Xena, and they’re both guilty pleasures.”

This statement was apparently so funny that it got around to all of my friends. The next thing I know, I receive the picture below as one of the all time best birthday presents ever. So here’s a big thank you to the talented Leah Ferguson for this incredible piece of art!

I would also like to thank the creators and actors of two of my favorite shows. When you put amazingness like that into the world, the influence it has is boundless. . .

Emily Warrior Princess The Next Generation