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What Is Love Video ~ A Conglomoration of Love Quotes

I thought this video was great! Let’s spread the Love People.


1 thought on “What Is Love Video ~ A Conglomoration of Love Quotes”

  1. I was searching in Google today on my own site ‘Symphony of Love’ and I chanced upon this video created by me, with help from a friend, about a year ago. The thought of creating this video is to advocate love and peace; wishing that all can live together in love and harmony. I hope that it could reach a million and more but I am ashame to say it is still a far far target. 🙂

    My heartfelt thank you for helping to distribute this video. If you like this, you can also view the flash version of it at http://www.symphonyoflove.net/whatislove.html.

    As an appreciation, I would like to give you a copy of my ebook, Symphony of Love. Please drop me an email and I will send you the download link for the Pictorial ebook of love quotes.

    Many many thanks.

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