Around the Bend

Traveling life’s bumpy road
I’ve found turns around the bend
Unexpected ups and downs
Acquaintances and friends

I admit at times it’s lonely
When the lane fits only one
And great gumption is required
To stoically soldier on

But suddenly crowds will appear
Where the road is wide and even
Many feet make the dust rise up
It can be difficult to see then

Sometimes the path leads to a mountain
And I struggle with the climb
But when I look down from the top
I see a grand design

How all things in this world connect
Each person is part of a plan
To teach and stretch and strengthen
To press forward hand in hand

We need each other to reach our goals
Who knows what’s round the next bend
In helping others we help ourselves
Along a journey that never ends

What ever lies on down the road
I’m no longer afraid to press on
The grand adventure of life awaits
New wonders arise with each dawn

When the last sun sets in the valley low
And the winds sings a final lullaby
I’ll smile to myself at the memories made
I’ll float peacefully up to the sky


6 thoughts on “Around the Bend”

  1. Thanks! Life is often like that for me, but it makes other times with friends and family more meaningful. 😊

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