What Is a Dream

what is a Dream? a wish? a sigh?
a wistful look at days gone by?
a feathered thing, afraid to fly;
weighed down by the doubt in life. . .
bravely fighting for the chance to try?

what is a Dream? opportunity? need?
a selfish craving resulting from greed?
a noble, heart wrenching hurt that bleeds;
within the soul who quietly seeks . . .
wandering through both valleys and peaks?

what is a Dream? a whisper? a wall?
does it contain form or substance at all?
it cries and beckons, but I’m afraid of the call.
can I stretch myself out of this ball . . .
out of this comfort zone if I crawl?

what is a Dream? a vision? a claim?
once achieved, does it dissolve or remain?
is it a melody I am destined to play,
and sing, and dance, and live in my way. . .
I’ve thought and thought but the question stays.

What is a Dream? What Is a Dream


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