Eclectic Emily

Emily 31 Headshot.

My name is Emily Romrell.  My motto is: Live the Vibrant Life, and everything I do is an effort to achieve that.  I’m easy going and enjoy the simple things of life. I am a writer, doodler, music lover, guitar player, avid book reader, outdoor adventurer & people watcher. I’m always interested in learning something new, and at the end of the day I am happiest being with the people I love

5 thoughts on “Eclectic Emily”

  1. Emily,

    A friend told me about your blog. Since’s it’s name is similar to my own blog I thought I’d take a look.

    You did a great job in developing your site…and of course I love the title! 🙂

    “An Eclectic Array of Topics”

  2. Emily,

    This is a PS on my last comment. I see that you have something about the LDS Church on your site. Are you a LDS member? If so,let me know. I have awesome testimony of a near crisis that was averted by the help of some young LDS men while I was living overseas.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Thank You for your kind comments. I like the title too :). There is just so many interesting things out there, I didn’t want to limit myself to a specific topic.

    Yes, I am LDS. I’m glad to hear you’ve had some experiences with members of our church. A big part of our religion focuses on serving and helping others, and befriending people of all faiths.

    Thanks again for visiting the site. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

    Keep Smilin!

  4. This site made me smile. I stumbled upon it using Stumble Upon. Very inspiring and love the bucket list of dreams. You are on your way. 🙂

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